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Apple Surf

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APPLE SURF is a foaming cleaning solution designed to be used with a soft wash proportioning device or downstream injection system. APPLE SURF is a surfactant and odor mask for the soft washing process.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: For downstream injecting a very economical 1 oz. or less per gallon to start is all that it takes. This is a liquid — just mix into the bleach or bleach solution. We recommend adding 1 quart (32 oz.) per 55 gallons of bleach or bleach cleaning solution.

APPLE SURF will produce thick foam while leaving a fresh apple scent. When using 2 quarts of APPLE SURF per 55 gallon of bleach solution creates optimum foam that will cling to roofs and vertical surfaces.

NOTE: It is important to follow label directions. If mixed too strong it may become difficult to rinse from surfaces.

Mixing stronger than recommended